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Best Mobile Apps That Protect Your Phone's Privacy

From time immemorial privacy has been a major concern for all. Privacy protection was more of a necessity than an option for the users. People are always making attempts to safeguard their personal data and privacy from getting public. Measures have always been adopted to ensure that your privacy is not at stake. With the development of technology, malicious attacks, hackings, thefts, and scams have also increased to a considerable extent.

Android platform is an example of technological progress in recent times. Smartphones are a common device used by almost all individuals in this modernized society. These smartphones, the bearer of all your private data, are now a delicious target of the privacy intrusions. But there is a way out of it! Several mobile apps developers now exist to assist you to secure your privacy and phone.

Here are some of the effective Android apps that can protect your privacy as well as secure your phone:

Webroot Security and Antivirus

The features of this package are unique in the sense that they might not be offered by the best antivirus company in the market. This app has features that can wipe all your data from the phone. There is also an App Inspector similar in functionality with the Privacy Inspector. If your phone is stolen or lost, there is nothing to fret. You can track your phone with the help of the web portal of this app. you can also use another protection app developed by Nerder Nation for security of your mobile phone.

Among the other features of Webroot, you get secure browsing, SIM card locking facility, remote access, SMS blocking, device lock and wipe and one efficient antivirus program for continuous scanning. Install this app for complete security of your smartphone!

Lookout Mobile Security

This is a popular security app for your smartphone. All basic smartphone protective methods are available with this app. To add to your delight, all this is offered to you absolutely without any charge! Lookout performs complete scanning of your phone to detect any kind of malicious apps. Don’t worry; your data is not lost in the process… Automatic backup is created in your phone before the scanning starts.

Have you lost your smartphone? Lookout is there to track the device. The premium version of Lookout has a lot more to offer you. Get a subscription to this version and rest assured to get the real-time privacy security of your smartphone!

Norton Mobile Security Lite

If you are searching for antivirus and anti-theft app, then Norton Mobile Security Lite is the perfect choice for you. With this app in your phone, there is no scope for security loopholes. This is one of the reputed antivirus tools for Android phones that doesn’t let any prying eyes to endanger your privacy. Malware and viruses are eliminated even before they infect your phone. Such is the protective measure of this lite version.

Once you download this app, it will automatically install itself in several tabs. Lock your phone or wipe off all your personal data, the anti-theft feature allows you to take every preventive measure you desire to. Web Protection is the superb features associated with this app. Block malicious websites, prevent cybercriminals from hacking your phone and secure your personal information right away with these apps.

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